Positive Traits of ADHD:

 Intellectually bright and curious.
 Finds creative and imaginative ways to express self.
 Meets challenges with enthusiasm and energy.
 Intuitively senses the needs and feelings of others.
 Resourcefully devises ways and means to accomplish things.
 Genuinely enjoys doing things for others.
 Humorously make others laugh.
 Has a hard working, never give up approach to life.
 Willing to take risks and see risk taking as a form of excitement.
 Loyal, honest and trustworthy to a fault.
 Seeks novelty and change.
 Observes details that no one else notices.
 Able to find quick solutions to complicated situations.
 Productive and effective if challenged and enjoying an activity.
 Quick to forgive
 Good in a crisis.
 Great at sales and marketing.
 Good at giving advice to others.
 Downright charming!
 Curious about the world and loves to learn new things.

Having ADHD is a gift, but sometimes you or your loved one needs support with staying focused, becoming better organized, or learning more about living with ADHD.

ADHD Gadget Coach hopes to continue adding more "gadgets" to help support navigating life with ADHD in a cool and fun way!

Please provde us with testimonials on how those items have worked, or share with us your favorite "gadgets" that others can benefit from!

Thank you, and ADHD ROCKS!

- Your ADHD Gadget Coach